What is the DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship?

Over three hundred professional development participants, thousands of Slack messages, sixteen member schools, hundreds of coaching meetings over countless cups of coffee has taught us a few things this year. For one, Nashville has some stellar teachers and leaders. Two, those teachers and leaders are asking for more:

  • more time spent talking about diverse learners,
  • more time in specialized and consistent PD that is followed by coaching,
  • more collaborative and engaged partners, and
  • more school-wide impacts.

After asking tons of questions, listening to schools, looking at data, researching what is successful in other cities, discussing concepts with our board, we are thrilled to introduce our newest initiative: The DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship.

Launching THIS summer (2019), the Fellowship aims to increase success of diverse learners by empowering and equipping teacher leaders to lead change within their classrooms and schools.  The theme of this year’s program centers around increasing equitable access to instruction for diverse learners. Fellows will be change-makers in their schools, participating in a four-day summer session, quarterly development sessions, and one-on-one coaching. They will funnel their learning about classroom best practice and leadership into an Impact Project – their own on-the-ground way to increase equitable access to instruction for diverse learners in their school.

Are you intrigued yet? Do you want more information? Visit http://www.diverselearnerscoop.com/fellowship to learn more and apply. Or share with a colleague who you think would be a good fit.