What is the DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship?

By Mary Rakes, Director of Fellowship and EL Strategy

It’s hard to believe we are already gearing up for our second year of the DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship. One of the top questions we have answered is “What exactly is the Fellowship?” There are really two answers to that question.

This is the official answer. In the second year of its inception, the Fellowship aims to increase the success of diverse learners by empowering and equipping teacher leaders to lead change within their classrooms and schools. The theme of this year’s program centers around increasing equitable access to instruction for diverse learners. Fellows are change-makers in their schools, participating in a four-day summer session, quarterly development sessions, and one-on-one coaching. They funnel their learning about classroom best practice and leadership into an Impact Project – their own on-the-ground way to increase equitable access to instruction for diverse learners in their school.

The unofficial answer is that the Fellowship is a community of like-minded people, supporting each other as they do similar hard work, side-by-side. It is a way for teachers and leaders to be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to stay in the ever-changing fields of EL and Special Education. The Fellowship gives participants a place to grow and a place to go. Each Fellow has an experienced mentor supporting them along the way-a cheerleader, a partner, and a connector. The Fellowship is more than professional development-it is the jumping off point for a fresh take on diverse learner education in middle Tennessee. As one of our current Fellows says, “Run, don’t walk, to apply!”

Do you want more information? Visit http://www.diverselearnerscoop.com/fellowship to learn more and apply. Or share with a colleague who you think would be a good fit.

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