Supporting ALL Students During COVID-19

We’re here for you.

As you and your teams navigate how to best serve children during the COVID-19 pandemic, know that we are here for you. We want to plan with you as you plan to meet the needs of all students in a new way. Right now, we are:

  • Working with our school partners to shift current supports to ones that make most impact in this time
  • Creating a guide to conducting remote IEP meetings (and other resources specifically focusing on students with disabilities and English learners to come to our new Resource Hub)
  • Launching virtual consultation service to support schools in meeting student needs during this time and upon return to school

Many of you have asked, “What does special education look like during times of closure or online learning?” Here are resources from the Department of Education, as well as the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools to help begin to answer that question.

Our staff wants to support you providing ALL students, including students with disabilities and English learners, the right resources and information during this time of uncertainty. Please reach out to us if we can be a resource to you or your school in any way.

Be Well,

The DLC Team

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