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We believe collaboration makes us all better. No one should have to figure it out alone. Learning together affords us opportunities to develop new and better solutions to the challenges we face.

That’s why we find unique ways to bring educators together with a diversity of perspectives. We facilitate collaboration within these cohorts to build best practice and professional networks that combat feelings of isolation and burnout.

New Teacher Cohort

On top of an already demanding and often isolating job, the first two years is a make or break time for teachers as more than 40% of all teachers quit within their first five years. The New Teacher Cohort exists to break that cycle for new(er) special education and EL teachers.

Teacher Leader Fellowship

The aim of the DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship is to increase the success of diverse learners by empowering and equipping teacher leaders to lead change within their classrooms and schools. Engaging in a year-long fellowship program, Teacher Leaders develop both technical and leadership skills to enact change for the diverse learners they serve.