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Connect with Families

Build the relationship. Understand what families want and need during this time of crisis, particularly as it relates to their wellbeing and their support of their child(ren). Communicate empathy and respect. Record important information to ensure your next plans incorporate this knowledge. Use the following tools to engage families during this uncertain time.

Understanding the Roles of Families in Virtual Learning

Editable Email Templates for Communication with Families (Special Education Sample, English Learners Sample)
Schools want to ensure that they are maintaining relationships and communication with families, especially during these uncertain times. We’ve provided an editable letter template here, in English & Spanish, that schools can use to send important information to families. We’ve also included sample letters that could be sent by a special education case manager or EL teacher to families on their caseloads.

Tips & Tools for Effective Communication with Families
Effective communication with families is consistent, empathetic, and culturally responsive. See resource for tips and tools for maintaining this kind of communication with families.

Script for Initial Phone Conversations with Families
As schools move to remote learning, teachers and leaders will need to connect with families to assess needs and provide crucial information. Our script walks you through this first conversation after a school closure, providing key questions to consider asking families. Additionally, we provide an editable Google Form survey to help your team keep track of parent responses all in one place. 

Tracking Form for Collected Family Information
This Google Form includes a survey that can be used by school team members to record information about the basic and technological needs of their students’ families. After making an electronic copy of this document, your team can edit it to meet your specific needs and then fill it in during each parent conversation. Finally, all of the responses will be compiled into one Google Sheets document for easy review by school teams. 

Online Learning Platform + Expectations – Family Accessible Template
This document helps teachers and families keep the information for all of their child’s online learning platforms organized in one place. Teachers can describe the purpose and set the expectation for each program, while also providing options for accessibility based on student need. Click here to make a copy of the editable template.

Parent & Family Communication Log
This log can assist your team in keeping track of contact with students from the first touchpoint through the duration of school closure.