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Deliver High Quality Services

Use a variety of methods, materials, and team members to deliver high quality, consistent services. Get creative with delivery through online and analog methods. Be consistent. Communicate often. Collaborate with other team members, especially general education teachers. Use the following resources to broaden your toolbox of learning and support strategies to be utilized during this time.

Instruction Accessibility

Alternative Service Models

Opportunities for Language Learning

Suggestions for ESL Classes and Activities: COVID-19 Guidance (TN Dept of Education)
School communities understand the importance of consistent, regular support for students who speak a language other than English as it relates to English-acquisition. An important part of that directly connects to the amount of exposure that children have to the English Language. Included are some ways in which schools and districts can consider ongoing support of students, even when school has been closed. 

Tools for Increasing Language Access

  • Microsoft Translator
    Website and app to translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos and screenshots. Integrated with the Microsoft Suite. Teachers can caption live presentations in students’ home language. Speech translation in real-time for parent conferences or to communicate with students.
  • Google Translator
    Website, app, and extension to translate text, voice, print, and screenshots. Integrated with Google Apps. Using the camera feature, students can translate print text instantly. Copy and paste text to translate in order to communicate with parents and students.
  • Read&Write for Google Chrome
    App and extension toolbar with text-to-speech, annotation, picture dictionaries, and bilingual dictionaries. Students can choose from multiple features to use to better understand a text. Students can use this tool with google docs, websites, and pdfs.
  • Talking Points
    An app that supports two-way communication in multiple home languages in order to reach the hardest-to-reach families. Can be used in web-browser or via text message.

Opportunities for Language Learning