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Legal Guidance

This document provides guidance and explanations for school leaders around preventing discriminiation in schools in the context of COVID-19. It reviews how schools should respond to situations of discrimination regarding bullying, racial or ethnic discrimination, and disability discrimination when providing educational services. The document also provides resources around communicating information about coronavirus to students and families. (US Dept of Ed)

This is the most recent guidance published by the U.S. Department of Education Offices that intends to provide clarity around how schools should address educating all students, including those with disabilities, during school closures. The Department reminds schools that they should not solely decline to offer online or remote learning based on their ability to provide FAPE for students with disabilities. Rather, the Department encourages and provides examples for schools about how to provide services and remain in compliance. It also provides information on IDEA timelines that may be extended given current school closures. (US Dept of Ed, Office for Civil Rights & Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services)

This document reviews critical considerations that district and school leaders must make as they create their learning plans for students with disabilities during school closures. It provides and explains IDEA mandates, while giving schools questions to weigh as they move to remote learning. Finally, the NCSECS offers options for remote learning practices and strategies for IEP teams to remain in compliance with federal law. (National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools)

In partnership with the National Center for Learning Disabilities, the Understood.org team poses and answers key questions about the legal parameters of COVID-19. In reader-friendly language, the questions cover a range of possible scenarios and provide links to further federal guidance for each situation. (Understood.org)

This video provides recommendations from OCR about how services, programs, and activities online can be made accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. The video discusses the legal framework for online accessibility, describes what accessibility means in the context of remote learning programs, and shares the resources available for educators who are designing online learning. (US Office of Civil Rights)

This FAQ document, regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) assists school leaders in protecting student privacy by describing what personally identifiable information (PII) can be disclosed, as well as when and how this information should be shared in the context of COVID-19. (US Dept of Ed, Student Privacy Policy Office)

This padlet links all State Education Agency and Federal guidance related to special education.