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Plan an Aligned Approach

Consider family and student needs. Get creative with service options, accommodations, and communication protocols that aim to help students feel safe and engaged during this time, as well as grow toward individual goals. These resources will support your school’s team in preparing an approach that best aligns with diverse learner needs.

As Coronavirus Forces Schools to Go Virtual, We Must Innovate — and Embrace Learning As We Go
In other words, now is the time to innovate.

Planning Protocol: Supporting Diverse Learners During School Closure
Your school is committed to developing a plan that provides all students equitable access to remote learning opportunities during this period of school closure. This plan outlines a team protocol for providing support to students served through your special education and English learner programs. Click here for an editable planning protocol.

Instruction Partners COVID-19 Resource Hub
The COVID-19 Schools Resource Hub provides school and system leaders a starting point to support student care and continued learning during extended school closures. Instruction Partners has created and curated a set of resources to guide schools through the process of determining appropriate instructional models, identifying online platforms, and communicating these plans with stakeholders.

School Closure Toolkit: Special Populations (TN Dept of Education)
Tennessee’s School Closure Toolkits include specific action items in preparing equitable distance learning plans. The document includes linked policy statements, information about compensatory education, and important strategies and considerations that support special populations.

These articles from Teaching Exceptional Children explore the critical considerations and skills necessary for special educators to be effective in virtual environments: