Diverse Learners COVID-19 Resource Hub – Reflect, Revise, and Consider Re-entry 2020-05-16T07:36:31-05:00
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Reflect, Revise, and Consider Re-entry

Build in checkpoints to collect information and reflect on student growth. Communicate with the student’s support team and family. Revise programming to incorporate reflections and increase student wellbeing and academic progress. Advocate for needed resources, services, and school-wide systems often. As we move toward re-entry, consider what is needed for a successful student transition.

DLC Case Manager Closeout Checklist
Knowing that 2020-2021 is wrapping up in a way that we have never experienced, we must think a bit outside the box on how to ensure that case manager responsibilities are wrapped up and students are sent to their next setting with all the information the team needs to serve them well. Use this checklist to guide you as you finish well.