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We believe that it is collective responsibility of the whole school team, not just special education, to serve diverse learners well. All team members need opportunities to build efficacy in improving practices for all of their students.

That’s why we offer a variety of learning opportunities. From in-person workshops to virtual modules, we aim to build capacity in teachers and leaders to improve support for diverse learners.


We are currently developing virtual modules that build knowledge, skill, and applied practice in service of diverse learners. If you are interested in a school-wide access pass to a specific course, please contact info@diverselearnerscoop.com.

Available: July 1, 2020

Suggested Time: 8 hours

Audience: New special education teachers (years 1-2)

Description: Do your new special education colleagues need a running start into the school year equipped with the basics of compliance, organization, and best practice? This online course will engage teachers in the getting set for day one by deciphering the legal obligations of the role, identifying sustainable ways to maintain order, and pinpointing strategies to see student growth from the start. Modules will also offer tips for how to translate special education services to remote learning.

Available: July 1, 2020

Suggested Time: 4 hours

Audience: New EL teachers (years 1-2)

Description: Get a jump start on the school year with this course specifically designed to help newer EL teachers navigate the basics of ACCESS reports and testing, WIDA standards, and EL best practice. This online course will allow teachers to go at their own pace through 4 learning modules that work chronologically to give clear action steps teachers can take throughout the year. This course is rich with information that teachers will want to return to frequently to help them in their teaching practice.

Available: July 1, 2020

Suggested Time: 4 hours

Audience: Paraprofessionals, support teachers, etc. (non-case manager role)

Description: Paraprofessionals play an invaluable role in the lives of our students, yet are often looked over for quality training opportunities. This online course is designed to boost the effectiveness of our paraprofessionals in providing the right support at the right time, whether in the classroom or remotely. Learners will engage with multiple modules to explore the roles and responsibilities of paraprofessionals; instructional and behavior management strategies for 1:1 + small group scenarios; and ways to observe and record student performance.

Available: July 1, 2020

Suggested Time: 1 hour

Audience: All TN certificated teachers

Description: As required by the state of Tennessee, all teachers who serve EL students must be trained on the WIDA standards. This online course will equip teachers to refresh their understanding of expectations for EL students using the WIDA Framework; to analyze ACCESS data and review Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs); and to apply supports for EL students to a lesson plan. Modules will also include practice opportunities for developing ILPs using the Ellevation platform (specific to Metro Nashville Public Schools).

*More courses coming August 2020


We are available to develop custom professional learning experiences aligned with your school’s needs. Sessions, whether virtual or onsite, are highly engaging and practical. Past workshops include:

Build skill in tiered interventions and responses to support students with challenging behaviors.

Develop a plan to push your co-teaching to the next level with the use of evidence-based best-practice.

Increase the reach of your core content through Universal Design strategies.

Incorporate more and better opportunities for classroom writing for your multilingual learners.

To design a learning experience for your team, please contact us today.


The DLC has sourced more development events that highlight best practices for diverse learners. One good way to keep up with these opportunities is to add this calendar to your own (click the +Google Calendar link at the bottom right).