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The aim of the DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship is to increase the success of diverse learners by empowering and equipping teacher leaders to lead change within their classrooms and schools. Engaging in a year-long fellowship program, Teacher Leaders develop both technical and leadership skills to enact change for the diverse learners they serve.


The Fellowship Experience

The fellowship focuses on equitable access to instruction for diverse learners. Upon completion of the Teacher Leader Fellowship, leaders will be equipped to:

  • Impact Diverse Learner Outcomes: Drive improved academic, behavioral, and social outcomes for diverse learners through data-based decision making processes
  • Lead Teachers: Develop skills to collaborate with and coach teachers and leaders in leading effective student-centered instruction
  • Influence School Programming and Practice: Advocate for diverse learner responsive practice, develop solutions to related challenges, and design effective strategies for implementation


Our goal is to develop diverse learner leaders who are able to affect change within their schools. Fellows must meet a certain set of criteria to in order to demonstrate readiness for growth. We are looking for candidates who:

  • Have at least 2 years teaching experience
  • Are currently supporting both students and teachers/team members in some capacity
  • Demonstrate strong content knowledge within either special or EL education
  • Demonstrate belief that all students can achieve + commitment to improving learner outcomes
  • Demonstrate growth mindset and commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Are working in schools led by school leaders who are committed to serving all learners
  • Have the support of school leadership to design and implement solutions to better outcomes for diverse learners


  • 21 Fellows
  • Representing 7 charter schools and 9 traditional schools
  • 8 EL teachers, 8 special education teachers, 5 support coordinators
  • Ranging from 3 to 30 years of experience

In the words of our Fellows:

“We are often the overlooked or last thought about teachers in a building. Having the opportunity to share, learn and grow with a group of like-minded people has been really empowering.”

“I’ve never felt so inspired and heard through a group of educators that really ‘get it!'”

“This is by far the best professional growth experience I’ve ever had.”

“I loved being surrounded by people who understand me and my work experience! I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to not have to defend my advocacy and passion.”


For more information, please see Fellowship Handbook or contact mary@diverselearnerscoop.com.