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Program Specialist
Nashville, TN


At Diverse Learners Cooperative, we know that all students possess exceptional potential. We know that access to talented teachers and quality instruction is essential in preparing students for life success. We know that teachers and leaders are eager for support to meet the diverse needs in their schools and that the stakes are high. We are obsessed with providing that exceptional support to improve access to educational opportunities for all learners.


We work side by side with teachers and leaders to dramatically improve educational opportunities for diverse learners. We get into classrooms, see teachers and students in action, work through collaborative means to implement new ideas to move the needle for students who are traditionally underserved. We keep our eyes keenly focused on outcomes and adjust our approach to get the result we know is possible.


In all that we do, we seek equitable, creative, and sustainable solutions rooted in the communities we serve.

  • Equitable solutions value a fair and inclusive system that makes the advantages of education available to all.
  • Creativity propels us to constant learning, innovative application, and frequent adjustments in response to outcomes in order to develop solutions that work.
  • Sustainability drives us to consider the end game for both team longevity and lasting student success.