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We envision a time when all children of diverse abilities and backgrounds will have access to a high quality, inclusive education preparing them for college, career, and life success. Our mission is to empower teachers and leaders to achieve authentic compliance, develop innovative solutions, and deepen meaningful collaboration to realize this vision.

Leverage the support of the DLC to drive results for the learners you serve.


Engaging in a year-long fellowship program, Teacher Leaders develop both technical and leadership skills to enact change for the diverse learners they serve.

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Partner with the DLC to uncover current practices and shift toward those proven effective for diverse learners. Create context-focused solutions that result in scalable and lasting change for your students, families, and teams.

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An incredible guide through my first years of SPED life. Brooke walked me through what an IEP should look like, how to implement and improve it. She connected me with resources for everything from data collection to differentiated curriculum. Honestly could not have made it through without her support!

Brooke tailored her feedback and provided me roadmaps that aligned my teaching style and my individual students’ learning styles. Her response to teacher and student needs is always innovative, maximizing student learning and teacher effort. Collaborating with the Cooperative has allowed me to transition smoothly into my role and see results with my students.

[The Cooperative] has been a crucial part of my success in my new teaching role. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of special education, I received invaluable professional development and individual coaching that improved my practice. With this guidance and support, my students have grown exponentially.

Brooke approaches every student, parent, and task with equal amounts of intellectual knowledge, discernment, dedication, and kindness.

Incredibly knowledgeable, highly responsive, and strongly contributive to any team. Beyond just knowing her craft, Brooke finds ways to build capacity in other educators and teams to expand strong educational opportunities for all students.

Consistently astounding with deep knowledge of special education practice, constant commitment to students and families, and a relentless drive to improve practice in themselves and others. Students have made incredible progress in a short amount of time!

I consistently felt supported in preparing and delivering my lessons to best meet the needs of my students. Their team was available for questions, adaptable to our new school systems, and consistent with communication.

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