Diverse Learners Cooperative

Accessible Professional Learning

The DLC aims to provide consistent and accessible professional learning opportunities for all teachers with a primary focus on meeting the needs of diverse learners.

We believe that professional learning should be:


of diverse learners


to unique school and student needs


in research-based best practices


with opportunities to build and grow connections with peers


with multiple, interactive opportunities to practice what we’ve learned


with pre- and post-session communication and solution finding

Virtual Micro-PD Events

Diverse learner educators are hungry for meaningful professional learning to help push their practice. However, demanding schedules and the cost of professional learning often interferes with access to these opportunities.
The DLC’s Accessible Professional Learning (APL) Micro-PD Series is an easily accessible development opportunity available to educators across the country. Leveraging virtual platforms, we offer a robust calendar of 30-minute professional learning sessions throughout the school year at no charge to participants.
On average, participants rate the value of our Micro-PD sessions as 4.6 out of 5 in improving their practice with diverse learners.
“Clear and practical information.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to quickly and clearly receive information.”

“[This was a] simplified presentation of such complex content, which still feels so new to me, and it was extremely helpful.”

School-Based Professional Learning

Quality professional learning is a high-leverage practice that improves teachers ability to best serve diverse learners. School-based leadership teams often find it challenging to plan and provide staff professional learning related to diverse learners, and seek the support of outside service providers.
The DLC collaborates with school teams to design quality professional learning catered to specific needs. Considering factors such as participant gaps and strengths, the implementation of evidence-based practices, and accountability measures, the DLC designs a learning experience unique to your school and your requirements.
Throughout the 2023 – 2024 school year, the DLC provided 80 professional learning experiences, reaching over 500 educators.
After a training on special education fundamentals for general educators, one educator said: “After this PD session, I view the struggles of my students in a different light. I understand that all students are not alike and I must make arrangements to help students with IEPs be successful in the classroom.”

What Educators Are Saying

Workshops & Events

Want to build capacity within your team around a unique or persistent challenge? Contact us to design a context-based solution.

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