Diverse Learners Cooperative

Our Impact

Since 2018, we’ve given 45,000+ students greater access to empowered teachers and higher quality, inclusive educational opportunities.

1,800+ educators

engaged in a DLC-led professional learning experience, with an average rating of 4.7 of 5 in value of the experience toward improving practice with their diverse learners.

125 Schools

reached through DLC professional development, learning communities, and project-based support resulting in increased quality of service for diverse learners.

65 DLC Teacher Leader Fellows

completed the year-long fellowship, with nearly all returning to their roles as educators and 100% recommending the experience to their peers.

Accessible Professional Learning: Micro-PD


Diverse learner educators are hungry for meaningful professional learning to help push their practice. However, demanding schedules and the cost of professional learning often interferes with access to these opportunities.

DLC's Support

The DLC’s Accessible Professional Learning (APL) Micro-PD Series is an easily accessible development opportunity available to educators across the country. Leveraging virtual platforms, we offer a robust calendar of 30-minute professional learning sessions throughout the school year at no charge to participants.


On average, participants rate the value of our Micro-PD sessions as 4.6 out of 5 in improving their practice with diverse learners.

School Partnership: KIPP Nashville RTI-B²


KIPP: Nashville Public Schools wanted to improve access for students with challenging behavior across their network of schools. In order to engage in this system-wide culture work, they sought the support of the DLC.

DLC's Support

The DLC engaged in a needs assessment to better understand the scope of the project. With clear goals in place, KIPP and DLC collaborated in order to create behavioral support systems designed to help decrease challenging student behavior and increase prosocial behaviors.


Across the network, culture teams worked to implement RTI-B, with the strategic partnership of DLC. One impact of this work was seen at a KIPP elementary school where out-of-school suspensions dropped 20% from the previous school year.

KIPP educators reported feeling more equipped to identify student needs, develop and apply function-based interventions, and measure progress.

Our Partners

Partner with us to support teachers and help all students succeed.

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