Diverse Learners Cooperative

Leadership Development

Every educator deserves the opportunity to develop as a leader. We find unique ways to bring educators together, equipping them with the resources and practice needed to inspire the change our students are counting on.

Teacher Leader Fellowship

Develop technical and leadership skills in this year-long program, culminating in an impact project to enact change for diverse learners in your school.

Coaching Collaborative

Engage alongside fellow coaches through a summer workshop and a year of development and individualized coaching that focuses on the core competencies of a diverse learner leader.

Fellowship Process

Teachers of students with disabilities and English learners are often one of a few in their schools, lack access to adequate support and development opportunities, and, as a result, experience high rates of burnout.
The DLC Teacher Leader Fellowship exists to connect teachers to relevant professional growth experiences, resources, and networks to propel best practice for diverse learners and increase teacher efficacy. The Fellowship helps diverse learner educators feel empowered as leaders within and outside of their school buildings.
When asked whether they felt equipped to lead others in using best practices for diverse learners, Fellows grew from an average rating of 3.3 to 4.4 out of 5 in the course of the year. Fellows reported a renewed sense of personal growth from collaborating with other educators, advocating within their schools, and witnessing student success in their impact projects.
“This experience has been one of the most valuable growth opportunities I’ve ever participated in. The timing couldn’t have been better with all of the challenges we faced this year. As someone who is towards the end of her teaching career, this experience has helped me see how I can share and help others on this journey.”

“This was my favorite year of teaching by far and I owe so much of that to the DLC. It was energizing and encouraging to tackle such a “big” issue common in schools and to consistently be thinking of ways to solve it. The DLC helped me come up with so many creative solutions and really helped me feel confident in the impact I, as a single educator, can have on an entire school’s culture and practices.”

Coach Collaborative Process

Leading a team of diverse learner educators can be nuanced and challenging work. In order to mitigate challenges, leaders require development opportunities catered to their specific experiences, but it can be difficult to find these opportunities.
The Coaching Collaborative is a year-long cohort model designed for diverse learner leaders (Coaches, Coordinators, and Directors working with Multilingual Learner Teachers and/or Special Education Teams). Through the Coaching Collaborative, participants will receive in-person professional development, access to quality resources, and on-site coaching.
When asked about their participation in the Coaching Collaborative, Coaches rated the experience as 9.6 out of 10. Coaches reported feeling more empowered to lead teams of diverse learner educators.
“With this cohort, I was able to be vulnerable and seek advice for real situations that were uncomfortable in my department. This Coaching Collaborative (the resources, my coach, my partners) made me believe that I could be a transformational coach by intentionally using what was provided. I used to think good coaches were naturally good and that’s why they were put in / selected for coaching positions, but now I know so much of it can be learned… and I am in charge of that learning.”

“It has been a huge year of development and growth, thanks to the Coaching Collaborative. I owe so much to the DLC for allowing structured reflection with a community of others in the same boat.”

What Participants Are Saying

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