Diverse Learners Cooperative

Our Mission

The Diverse Learners Cooperative exists to create purposeful networks of educators, providing them with high quality resources and collaborative learning experiences that increase best practices for diverse learners and teacher retention.

Our Vision

Students of all abilities and backgrounds have access to high quality, inclusive educational opportunities led by empowered and effective educators.

Our Core Values


Being curious helps us gain knowledge about our ever-changing environment. When we are curious, we are better able to understand those with experiences and perspectives different than our own and respond with empathy and kindness.


Educators need practical ideas, resources, and tools that can be implemented efficiently and with high impact for students. We ground our solutions in school and team context to maximize their use, effectiveness, and sustainability.


We cannot do this work alone. Through collaboration, we share expertise, perspective, and responsibility. We incorporate the voices of a diverse group of stakeholders and develop the best solutions to the hardest challenges.


Ensuring all students have access to quality opportunities for learning is no small feat. We are committed to showing up to this challenge, trying and failing, making adjustments, and celebrating small and big successes with our partners.


We seek to find equitable solutions that help create more fair and inclusive systems and make the advantages of education available to all. We are driven to be an anti-racist and anti-ablest organization, at every level and at every opportunity.

Partner with us to support teachers and help all students succeed.

When you give to the Diverse Learners Cooperative, your gift directly supports our work with teachers. We offer personalized coaching, valuable collaborative networks, and high quality resources so that teachers (and their learners) can succeed.